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Turbo Actuator Mercedes G-277 C320 E280 Sprinter 3.0 New

【Turbocharger Model】

【Reference Turbo Actuator Part Number】
G-277, 712120-0277, 6NW 008 412, 6NW008412

【Compatible Turbocharger Part Number】
765155, 743507, 743507

2005-2011 Mercedes C, CLK, E, GL, ML, R CLASS W211,W251, 3.0L engine
2006-2010 Jeep Commander Grand Cherokee 3.0L
2005-2012 Chrysler 300C 3.0L Touring

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TURBOKOO turbo actuator Mercedes compatible with G-277, suitable for 765155 turbochargers, fit Benz C350, GL320, R280 W251 W211 3.0L.

Developed using OE quality material and process, we provide cost-effective turbochargers for the aftermarket. The overall performance of our turbochargers is better than the remanufactured ones.

Our turbo actuator factory is TS16949 certified to meet the strict quality demand of the automobile industry.

TURBOKOO turbo actuator Mercedes G-277 Detail

Turbo Model

Reference Turbo Actuator Part Number
G-277, 712120-0277, 6NW 008 412

Fit Turbocharger Part Number
765155, 743507, 743507

Interchangeable Number
05179566AB, 5179566AB, 6420900080, 6420900280, 6420900780, 6420901480, 6420901880, 6420902080, 6420903080, 6420904780, 6420904980, 6420905880, 6420905980, 642090598080, 6420906280, 6420906980, 642090698080, 6420908680, A6420900080, A6420900280, A6420900780, A6420901480, A6420901880, A6420902080, A6420903080, A6420904780, A6420905880, A6420905980, A642090598080, A6420906280, A6420908680, A9420904980, K68089008AA, 00K68089008AA, 68089008AA

TURBOKOO turbo actuator Mercedes G-277 Fit The Following Car Models
2005-2011 Mercedes C300, 320, 350, W204 CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2005-2010 Mercedes CLK250 OM642.910 CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2005-2011 Mercedes CLS320, 350, OM642.920 CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2005-2019 Mercedes E280, 300, 320, 350, OM642.920 S211, W211, CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2006-2009 Mercedes GL320, 350, OM642.940 CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2005-2009 Mercedes ML280, 300, 320, 350, OM642.820 CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2006-2009 Mercedes R280, 300, 320, 350, OM642.870 CDI W251, V251, 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2006 Mercedes Viano W639 CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2007 Mercedes Vito W639, OM642.990, CDI 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2006-2010 Jeep Commander 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L 135/140/150/155/160Kw
2005-2012 Chrysler 300C 3.0L Touring


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