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Turbo Actuator 49180-01275 For VW Golf Audi A3 1.4L

【Turbocharger Model】

【Turbocharger Actuator Part Number】

【Turbocharger Part Number And OE Number】
49180-01275, 4918001275, 49180-01230, 4918001230, 49180-01240, 4918001240, 49180-01270, 4918001270, 49180-01240, 4918001275, 49180-01230, 4918001230, 49180-01240, 4918001240, 49180-01270, 4918001270

OE Number: 04E145704F, 04E145704R, 04E145713N, 04E145721RV, 04E145721RX, 04E146721R, 04E145704R, 04E146721R

2012 – 2014 Audi A1 A3 1.4L 90kw 92kw Sportback, 8XA, 8XF, TFSI, TSI, CMBA.CPVA
2012 – 2014 VOLKSWAGEN Golf Jetta Passat Scirocco 1.4L 90kw 92kw

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TURBOKOO turbo actuator 49180-01275 fit TD025M2sbR turbocharger and applied in VW Golf Jetta SEAT Leon Audi A3 1.4L engine gas 90/92kw 2012 – 2014

Developed using OE quality material and process, we provide cost-effective turbocharger actuators for the aftermarket. The overall performance of our turbocharger actuators is better than the remanufactured ones.

TURBOKOO Turbo Actuator 49180-01275 Details

Turbo Model

Turbo Actuator Part Number

Turbocharger Part Number

Interchangeable Number
4918001275RS, 49180-01230, 49180-01240, 49180-01270, 49180-01275, 4918001230, 4918001240, 4918001270, 4918001275, 4918001275K

OEM Number: 04E145721B, 04E145704F, 04E145721R, 04E145721RV, 04E145721RX, 04E145704FV, 04E145704FX, 04E145704R, 04E145704RV, 04E145704RX, 04E145713N, 04E145713NV, 04E145713NX

AUDI A1, A3 Sportback 1.4L 90/92kw 2012 – 2014
SEAT Leon, Toledo CMBA 1.4L 90/92kw 2012 – 2014
SKODA Kodiaq, Rapid, Superb III 1.4L 90/92kw
VOLKSWAGEN Golf, Jetta, Passat 1.4L 90/92kw


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