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TURBOKOO ISX15 Turbo Actuator For Cummins HE400VG Turbo 5452695 5501185


【Turbocharger Model】

【Actuator Voltage】

【Reference ISX15 Turbo Actuator Part Number】
5501185, 5501185RX

Cummins ISX15 Engine with HE400VG VGT Turbo

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The turbo actuator set (turbo actuator with calibration box) is already live on Products use FBA service, welcome to buy.

Developed using OE quality material and process, we provide cost-effective turbocharger actuators for the aftermarket. The overall performance of our turbo actuator is better than the remanufactured ones.

Turbo Model:
HE400VG Turbo

Turbo Actuator Part Number:
5501185, 5501185RX

Ref. Actuator Number
4034136, 4034188, 4034429, 4034429RX, 5355124, 5355724, 5356525, 5452695, 5501185, 5501185H, 5501185HX, 5501185NX, 550118500, 550118500H, 550118500HX

Fit The Following HE400VG Turbo
5459711, 5459711RX, 5358003RX, 5358003, 5459710, 5358001, 5351565, 5358483

For The Following Model:
Cummins ISX15 Engine with HE400VG VGT Turbo
Cummins X15 Engine with HE400VG VGT Turbo

● 100% OE quality chips

● 100% consistent with OE assembly size

● The circuit of the TURBOKOO ISX15 Turbo Actuator has been optimized, and the high-temperature performance is 20 degrees higher than the original.

● It has passed over twenty product tests, such as temperature, endurance, drop, vibration, salt spray, destructive and EMC tests, etc.

● TURBOKOO ISX15 Turbo Actuator can be calibrated using either the Cummins E-Tool or the calibration tool developed by TURBOKOO.

Turbocharger Actuator With Calibration Tool
One set contains all the required materials.
The package includes:
Turbocharger Actuator x 1
Installation Kit x 1
Product-specific Calibration Box x 1
Calibration Box Use Manual x 1

This set is equipped with a dedicated calibration tool to calibrate the actuator. The calibration process is simple and quick. You can follow the user manual to calibrate your actuator easily.

About Ram Turbo Actuator Calibration
The actuator will require calibration to complete the re-installation. Calibration can be performed with Holset E-Tool and TURBOKOO calibration box. 


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