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Caterpillar C15 Dual Turbo Acert LP 10R1888 and HP 10R2407 New

【Turbocharger Model】

【Turbocharger Part Number】
HP: 10R2407
LP: 10R1888

【Compatible Part Number】
C15 Acert Turbo HP:
741154-9011, , 741154-9011S, 7411549011, 7411549011S, 741154-5011S, 741154-11, 7411540006, 741154-0004, 741154-0005, 741154-0006, 741154-0009, 741154-0010, 741154-5006, 741154-9006

C15 Acert Turbo LP:
741155-9003S, 741155-5003S, 741155-0001, 741155-0003, 741155-0004, 741155-1, 741155-3, 741155-4, 741155-2

Caterpillar Industrial, Truck Various C15 Acert  1998-2013 (Caterpillar C15 dual turbo)

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TURBOKOO Caterpillar C15 dual turbo fit Caterpillar Industrial, Truck Various C15 Acert High-pressure 1998-2013 (twin turbo with high & low Psi).

Developed using OE quality material and process, we provide cost-effective turbochargers for the aftermarket. The overall performance of our turbochargers is better than the remanufactured ones.

TURBOKOO Caterpillar C15 Dual Turbo DETAILS

Turbo Model

CAT C15 Twin Turbo Part Number
Hight-Pressure: 10R2407
Low Pressure: 10R1888

Interchangeable Number
C15 Acert 10R2407:
10R-1887, 10R1887, 10R2407, 229-8828, 229-8829, 2298828, 2298829, 233-1589, 233-1592, 233-1596, 2331589, 2331592, 2331596, 251-4818, 251-4819, 251-4820, 2514818, 2514819, 2514820, 3812086

C15 Acert 10R1888:
232-1805, 2321805, 231-6616, 2316616, 10R1888, 10R-1888, 232-1811, 2321811, 291-3997, 2913997, 245-7113, 2457113, 1323649

Caterpillar Industrial, Truck Various C15 Acert 1998-2013 (twin turbo with high & low Psi).

You Can Find The Individual High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Turbocharger Below


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