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TURBOKOO 171702 Turbo, Your Ideal Powerful Turbo

S400S062 turbocharger 171702.jpg

TURBOKOO 171702 Turbo TURBOKOO 171702 turbo fit in Navistar, International Harvester Truck with DDC-MTU Series 60 Engine 2000-2008. Developed using OE quality material and process, we provide cost-effective turbochargers for the aftermarket. The overall performance of our turbochargers is better…

8 Main Components Of Turbocharger


Turbochargers generally consist of the following 8 main components. 8 main components of turbocharger 1. Turbine housing – main components of turbochargerIt is the casing that surrounds the turbine wheel. It is typically made of cast iron or stainless steel and…

7 Well-Known Turbocharger Manufacturers In World


Turbochargers have revolutionized the world of automotive engineering, enabling manufacturers to extract more power and performance from smaller engines. At the heart of this technology lies the turbocharger itself, a complex system of components that must work in perfect harmony…