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Began in 2010

Founded in 2010, TURBOKOO Technology is a company specializing in the trading of turbochargers and their accessories. After years of development, we have participated in the investment and construction of a turbocharger factory and a turbocharger actuator factory, and have undertaken OEM and ODM projects.

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Turbo Actuator Factory - TURBOKOO in Suzhou Industrial Park

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In 2014

We combined our valuable resources in the industry to invest in and set up a turbocharger actuator factory in Suzhou.

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In 2017

Our turbo actuator factory further grew. We acquired a French factory located in Suzhou and took over all its business. Since then, Turbokoo has rapidly developed to provide high-quality turbo actuators both to original equipment manufacturers and replacement parts to some aftermarket automobile parts companies.

TS16949 Certified

Our Factory is TS16949 certified to meet the strict quality demand of the automobile industry. Our turbo actuator factory offers a wide range of turbocharger actuators, including turbo pneumatic actuators and VTG actuators.

Its enormous investment in research and product development, concentration on engineering innovation, and strict quality control measures have established Turbokoo as a “tier one” company in the turbocharger industry and an aftermarket leader in the turbocharger electronic actuator segment.

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In 2018, we took a stake in a turbocharger factory. The factory has a production history of fifteen years and has introduced cutting-edge precision testing equipment from Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Canada. With a professional R&D and production team, the factory develops dozens of new turbochargers every year, serving the aftermarket in North America/Europe and other regions.

In research and development, the factory uses OE quality materials. It strictly controls the parameters of every detail so that the turbochargers can reach the high standard turbo performance of the original turbo and meet the safe and stable driving of the car. The factory strictly controls the production process and actively implements the ISO9001:2008 international quality system to provide high-quality and fast support and services for the auto parts maintenance market.

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