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40 Reasons Your Actuator Failure

One of the leading questions we get from consumers is why an actuator failure. Actuator troubleshooting is facility: relying on the kind of actuator, the system, as well as various other variables, there are lots of reasons actuators do not perform properly. To assist you much better recognize what is taking place in your system, below are 40 factors your actuator failure.

Pneumatic Actuator Failure Reason

1. The shutoff is binding.
2. The objective stress is incorrect.
3. The solenoid voltage is incorrect.
4. The solenoid ports are connected.
5. The system leakage in front of the actuator is not allowing the minimum SCFM (common cubic feet per min) for operation.
6. The system or actuator filter is obstructed or clogged.
7. The actuator ports are connected with contaminants.
8. The speed controls are shut.

9. There is way too much condensation.
10. The spring return units have actually damaged springtimes.
11. There are troubles with the seals.
12. The actuators are undersized.
13. Air is leaking at the piston guide bushings.
14. There is increased drive due to shutoff concerns.
15. There is extreme side packing in rotary applications.
16. The piston seals are leaking.

Pneumatic Actuator Failure Reason
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Electric Actuator and also Motor-Operated-Valve(MOV) Actuator Failure Reason

17. The power voltage isn’t fix.
18. The control voltage isn’t remedy.
19. The fuse has actually blown.
20. There is a power board failing.
21. The cord has come to be integrated or disconnected.
22. The thermal overload is involved.
23. The power phasing is incorrect.

24. The limit button is not set properly.
25. The quick separate harness is loose.
26. There are problems with the valve binding or the stem.
27. There are troubles with the drive nut.
28. The facility column equipment is removed.
29. The motor pinion/ worm equipment is removed.
30. The torque switch is engaged.
31. The handwheel declutch has stopped working

Gas-Over-Hydraulic Actuator as well as Gas-Over-Oil Actuator Failure Reason

32. The actuator as well as the shutoff aren’t in the exact same alignment.
33. The secret is not set up.
34. There are delivering plugs in the gas supply, exhaust ports, or tubes connected to the gas hydraulic storage tanks.
35. The power gas pressure is also low.
36. The rate controls are shut.
37. The shutoff is stuck.
38. The hydraulic liquid degree is also reduced.
39. The hand pump has stopped working.
40. The actuator seals have fallen short.

Above are the Reasons of Your Actuator Failure.

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Founded in 2010, TURBOKOO Technology is a company engaged in the trading of turbochargers and their accessories. After years of development, we have participated in the investment and construction of a turbocharger factory and a turbocharger actuator factory.

The Footprint Of Our Turbocharger Actuator Factory
In 2014, we combined our valuable resources in the industry to invest in and set up a turbocharger actuator factory in Suzhou.

In 2017, our turbocharger actuator factory further grew. We acquired a French factory located in Suzhou and took over all its business. Since then, Turbokoo has rapidly developed to provide high-quality turbo actuators both to original equipment manufacturers and replacement parts to some aftermarket automobile parts companies.

Our Factory is TS16949 certified to meet the strict quality demand of the automobile industry. Our factory offers a wide range of turbocharger actuators, including turbo pneumatic actuators and VTG actuators.

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