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3 min Read – What a powerful VGT turbocharger

VGT is the abbreviation of English Variable geometry turbocharger, which solves the balance between turbo lag and boost energy. It brings smoothness, low fuel consumption, low noise and excellent high-speed power to the engine.

VGT is the abbreviation of English Variable geometry turbocharger. VGT is the most effective solution to this contradiction. 

A brief understanding of the principle and characteristics of a turbocharged engine, a turbocharged engine is different from an ordinary naturally aspirated engine. It is forced into the air through a turbocharger, which can greatly increase the density of the air entering the cylinder, so as to achieve a small exhaust. The purpose of a large amount of power.

The turbocharger of a turbocharged engine is driven by exhaust energy, which obviously requires a certain amount of exhaust energy. When the engine speed is low, the exhaust energy is often relatively small, and the turbocharger may not be driven at this time. When the turbocharger is not working, the power of the turbocharged engine will even be less than that of a naturally aspirated engine of the same displacement, which is what we often call turbo lag. This is a stubborn problem with turbocharged engines, and almost all engineers are working on it.

The balance between turbo lag and boost energy becomes a pair of contradictions

Turbo lag is the biggest problem with turbocharged engines. Turbo lag is related to the size of the boost turbo. The larger the turbo, the harder it is to drive the turbo, and the more obvious the turbo lag. Conversely, if the turbo is small, the lag will be greatly alleviated.

However, at the same time, the size of the turbo is related to the boost of energy. Although a small turbo can alleviate turbo lag, it can provide a small boost value when the supercharger is required to work, which is not conducive to improving the power of the engine. Therefore, there is a certain balance between turbo size, turbo lag and boost value. Most conventional engines can only be designed with a compromise approach, which makes it difficult to completely avoid turbo lag while achieving high-liter power.​​

VGT is the most effective solution to this contradiction

VGT is the abbreviation of English Variable geometry turbocharger. VGT is the most effective solution to this contradiction. The secret is that its turbocharger can change the cross-sectional area, which is equivalent to changing the size of the turbocharger. 

When the speed is low, the turbocharged turbo will use a smaller cross-sectional area, and the turbo can be started smoothly even at a low speed, which greatly alleviates the turbo lag. In the high-speed state, the turbocharger will use a larger cross-sectional area, which can greatly increase the boost value, thereby increasing the maximum power and torque of the engine. The “litre power” of Huatai Santa Fe’s 2.0L engine is the highest among domestic diesel SUVs of the same level. Its power performance has reached or surpassed many 2.5L or even 2.8L diesel SUVs. VGT also contributes here.

VGT Turbocharger with Nozzle Ring and Electronic Actuator Diagram
VGT Turbocharger Diagram

1. Air intake
2. Compressor wheel
3. Charge air outlet
4. Speed sensor
5. Electronic Turbo actuator
6. Nozzle-ring
7. Turbine wheel
8. Exhaust gas inlet
9. Exhaust gas outlet

The Practical Effect Of VGT

Because there is no turbo lag, models with VGT have smooth power output when there is no power surge throughout the acceleration segment, which is extremely important for comfort and safety. When we drove the Huatai Santa Fe 2.0L, the low-speed torque was still abundant, and it was difficult to understand when the turbocharger intervened. The whole driving process was like a naturally aspirated engine. This is the result of the VGT.

Low fuel consumption
In the low-speed state of ordinary turbocharged engines, because there is no turbocharger intervention, the mixture concentration at this time cannot meet the requirements of the engine, and the combustion efficiency is low. With VGT, the engine runs under optimal conditions regardless of high or low speed, thereby greatly reducing fuel consumption, especially in urban road conditions.

Low Noise
High combustion efficiency can not only reduce fuel consumption but also greatly alleviate the noise generated by diesel engines due to rough work. Many people feel that the noise is not as loud as conventional diesel cars when driving the Huatai Santa Fe 2.0L, and this is the reason.

Excellent high-speed power
The principle of this has already been mentioned before. Since the area of ​​the supercharger will increase at high speed, it can provide sufficient supercharging value, which is conducive to the exertion of high-speed power. This characteristic is directly reflected in the feeling that it is full of stamina.​​

The core of VGT is variable, which is a world-leading technology
Because the operating conditions and needs of vehicles at low and high speeds are completely different, “variable” technology has always been the direction that many engine engineers have been working in. In the engine field, familiar technologies such as variable valve timing, variable valve stroke, variable intake manifold, etc., are designed to solve the different operating requirements of the engine at high and low speeds.

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